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Line Dance. Zumba. Partner Dance.

Inthedance, LLC offers new and innovative ways to enhance physical exercise, range in motion, balance, and body mechanics through dance. We serve the Philadelphia metro area and we’re looking forward to moving with you!

We Have What You Need To Get The Party Started!

Inthedance, LLC is a health and fitness company that uses line dance, Zumba, partner dance, DJing, and party starters to enhance social settings, overcome challenges, and encourage networking in corporate workshops. ITD is also available for private lessons and events.

Our organization provides a constant audience for spreading important community information. Participants come from many walks of life: fraternal organizations, youth advocacy programs, religious organizations, and community leaders (just to name a few).


Keepers of the Cultural Award

Featured dancers at the Annual South Carolina Red Ball

Featured on the hit TV series “Bridezillas”

Winners of the 50 Year Anniversary Bop contest at the Annual ODUNDE Festival.

Contact us any time to learn more about ITD!

ITD Merchandise

T-shirts – $15.00
Tank tops – $12.00
Tank tops (regular back) – $12.00 (limited quantity – pink only)
Pillows – $15.00
Tote Bag – $15.00
Drawstring Vinyl Bag – $5.00
Hats – $10.00
Mugs – $5.00
Hand Towels – $7.00
Water Bottles – $5.00
Ink Pens – $1.00

To purchase an item, contact ITD at (267) 972-8752.

Dances We Love

ITD is in love with the following dances this season. Learn them right along with us when you check them out on YouTube:

Live Out Your Love by Bernadette Burnette

Baby by Bernadette Burnette and Selena Earley

Dance For Health is Back!

Thursdays @ 5:30 PM – Dance for Health (Line Dance)
Sayre Recreation Center, 5835 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19139
Note: You will need to register and complete a COVID screening prior to entering the building. We are limiting the number of participants to 20 people. It is very important that you sign up beforehand. You must wear a mask in the building. We strongly encourage those who are not vaccinated to not attend in person but attend the ZOOM session. Pre-register through this link.


From soul line dance to partner dancing, ITD has you covered. Check out our class listings.


We offer line dance lessons, Zumba fitness, partner dance lessons, DJ services and more. Read more about what we offer.

About Us

We’re blessed to work with the best! ITD is a creative family that loves to move.

Original artwork provided by David Earley. David Earley’s work is legally protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. Images may be used for personal use, as in screensavers, but under NO circumstance is it permitted to use for commercial purposes without proper and prior permission from David Earley. Unauthorized duplication and usage for commercial purposes is prohibited by copyright law and will be prosecuted. We protect our copyright interests.


Inthedance, LLC offers new and innovative ways to enhance physical exercise, range in motion, balance, and body mechanics through dance.

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Reach out to us at any time. We’d love to hear from you!


Phone: (267) 972-8752